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January 20, 2017




Dear Mom,



Did you long for just one more hour of sleep this morning as you laid there questioning how you could still feel THIS tired after sleeping all night? Then, as your mind began to slowly recall the reality of last night, remember you were up twice in the middle of the night to let the dogs out and help your 5 year old get back to sleep after a bad dream? And then question, when WAS the last time you actually slept through an entire night, as you slowly begin remembering a small portion of the ‘to do’ list you laid in bed the night before creating? You’re tired Mom. And I see you. 


                                          © copyright Jennifer Sechrest Photography 2010-2018 | Do not copy, save or print images | 

Did you struggle to get the kiddos off to school this morning? Trying to convince your 5 year old that it’s okay to eat scrambled eggs and toast instead of his usual chocolate chip waffles because, even though you went shopping with a grocery list, still somehow managed to walk out without his favorite breakfast food? Or have to convince him that it’s not okay to wear his pajamas to school and spend way too much time this early in the morning trying to talk him into putting on the outfit he actually helped you pick out the night before? Did you lose your cup of coffee somewhere between ‘hurry and get your shoes on, your bus will be here soon’ and ‘I love you sweetie, have a good day and PLEASE be good today’?  You’re scatter-brained from having too much to do and not enough time to do it all. You're mentally and physically exhausted. You're not alone Mom. And I see you. 

                                        © copyright Jennifer Sechrest Photography 2010-2018 | Do not copy, save or print images | 


Did you send them off to school or daycare this morning and then feel the sting of guilt because you want to be there with them at all times and even though you know they’re only small once, not only is not having that 2nd income not an option, even if it were, you love what you do and deep down you wouldn't really want to to give up the one thing that reminds you of who you were before you became a mom?


Did you realize the time, then rush to get yourself ready and, as you take one last look in the mirror, stop for a brief second to wonder if you’ll ever lose that extra 15 pounds you’ve gained since your youngest was born? Did you laugh and wonder out loud ‘Is it even baby weight after the the 3rd year’? Did you make a pact with yourself that once you lose those 15 pounds you’ll finally be ready to get your family photos done? Did you finally find your coffee, reheat it, only to set it down again and decide since you’re going right by the local coffee shop (or local Starbucks)  you’ll just grab a fresh one on your way? You love being a Mom and you cherish your children but you feel like you’ve lost who YOU are somewhere along the way, and struggle with the guilt of even thinking such a thought. You're not alone Mom. And I see you. 

                                     © copyright Jennifer Sechrest Photography 2010-2018 | Do not copy, save or print images | 

Did you remember half way through your work day that you forgot the youngest one is having a class party TOMORROW and YOU need to provide a ‘healthy’ snack for 20 kids?….(as the panic sets in).....'Ummm, what can't they have? No RED # 40, No gluten, No nuts, No soy….Sheesh! What AM I going to send? Hmm....Maybe the Red #40 is why (insert child’s name here) was so cranky yesterday. No more Red #40 for him! Heck, maybe that's why I was so cranky yesterday. I did eat that entire bag of Twizzlers. They're red. I bet they're loaded with Red # 40. Why DO they even put that in food?’. As you stood in line at the grocery store did you check Facebook and see ‘so & so’s’ beautiful family photos and tell yourself  ‘as soon as I lose 15 pounds I’m TOTALLY getting our family photos done too’. You worry about your family, you struggle to do it all and there are times when you see others who seem to have it together so well that you can’t help but what wonder ‘how can ‘so & so’ be so perfect’ ? That's when you begin to compare yourself to others and you start to feel like you’re failing somehow as a wife and mother. You're not alone Mom. I see you.




I see you Mom. I see how busy you are. I see how much you worry about your family. I see you make sacrifices every day to be the best wife and mother you possibly can be. I see you try to juggle children, a job, keeping up with the shopping, the cleaning, the cooking, keeping everyone healthy, the laundry, wondering when will you ever have time to go to the gym because you ‘really want to lose just 15 pounds’ and ‘where DOES all the laundry come from, didn't I JUST get it all done yesterday?’. I see you Mom. You're not alone. 




                                 © copyright Jennifer Sechrest Photography 2010-2018 | Do not copy, save or print images | 

I honestly see you. You’re still in there…on the inside of the exhausted, worried, stressed version of yourself. You are still there. You are still fun. You are the cement that holds your family together. You make your family laugh. You love them deeply with every ounce of your soul. You are the giver of everything to everyone else and just when you think you have nothing left, you give more. You kiss away the ‘boo boos’. You know exactly what makes everyone around you happy and you take great pains to keep it that way.


                                       © copyright Jennifer Sechrest Photography 2010-2018 | Do not copy, save or print images | 


I see you when you don’t see yourself. I see what’s on the inside. I see the love you give to your family. You are love Mom. The embodiment of what unconditional love truly is.


And when I photograph you with your family, I see things you don’t see. I see the way you look at your children with such pride. The way you look at your husband with that little twinkle in your eye and the way he looks at you because he still can't believe how lucky he is he convinced you to marry him. I see tiny moments between you and your precious family that your iPhone or friend’s camera won’t see. I see the way you hold your youngest tight for a little while longer because she’s the shy one and needs to warm up a little bit to people she doesn't know that well. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. You are her Momma Bear and I see you. 




                                      © copyright Jennifer Sechrest Photography 2010-2018 | Do not copy, save or print images | 

I see you worry about how you look...the way you made sure to pick a shirt that covers your arms or subconsciously hide your barely noticeable pooch with your hands. I understand. I’m a woman first and foremost. We will always have our insecurities. I think it’s in our DNA.  But where you see imperfection. I see so much more. I see LOVE. Your husband sees LOVE. And your children see LOVE. Trust me, your family won’t care about those 15 pounds or a pooch that only you noticed or the itty bitty-est of lines that out of nowhere are starting to appear on your face that only you see.


The only thing your children and husband see is their beautiful mother and wife. They’ll see your big smile as you look at them and all they’ll remember is how much you loved them and hear your laugh, ohhh that laugh and remember 'Mom had the best laugh didn't she', as if it were yesterday.



                                        © copyright Jennifer Sechrest Photography 2010-2018 | Do not copy, save or print images | 



I see you Mom. Stressing about whether your husband will be in a good mood during your pictures. Stressing over how the kids will behave. Having your photos taken shouldn’t be stressful. It should be a fun and easy experience. It should be a time for you and your family to take an afternoon and put on those amazing outfits you painstakingly picked out that perfectly reflects your family’s personalities. A time to solely focus on sharing the love between each of you. To laugh. To hug. Let the kids be silly. Let them play with Dad. Tickle their tummies. Nuzzle their sweet little necks and breathe in that little kid smell. Laugh at them as they twirl or run around. A time to capture those precious moments. A time for you to let me take over and sit back and truly enjoy your sweet little family. Because in the end, your reward will be beautiful portraits of your own family and that wall gallery you’ve been swooning over on Pinterest...Yes! you deserve it.  A tangible reminder, for those days when you just are at your whits end, of how much love truly exists in your life and every time you walk by those photographs you'll be reminded of why it's all worth it. You'll be reminded of the love that exists in your home.  





                                      © copyright Jennifer Sechrest Photography 2010-2018 | Do not copy, save or print images | 


Memories aren’t meant to be thrown in a drawer or stored on your computer’s hard drive. They’re our history.  And photographs are a tangible representation of our memories. 



You’ve been looking at ‘so & so’s’ beautiful family photographs for far too long. It’s time to make your own memories now.  To forever capture that love between you and your family. To do something for YOURself.  Finally fill that wall in your living room with your very own family photographs, get that canvas of your family you’ve always wished you had. Mostly, give your children something to cherish long after you’re gone. Because when they flip through that beautiful album you had made, they will only remember how much pride you had in it. They will see your smile and hear your laughter, remember the way your perfume smelled and how great it felt to have your arms wrapped around them. They will you see you Mom, like I see you. 



Who you are on the inside. 


And they’ll only see the LOVE.  





God Bless.


From One Mom to Another,






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